Wear love as your scent.

Many of us wear perfume or cologne. We like to smell good to ourselves and may wish to be attractive to others as well.

We have daily personal hygiene and likely use deodorant to mask the odor of our sweat. We expend money and effort to have our smell be inoffensive or even appealing to other folks.

We may not be aware that the emotions we experience affect our personal scent. Dogs are certainly aware of this. They can smell fear, anger, caring, approval, etc., and react to people accordingly.

Even though their smell may not register consciously for us, the emotions of others do register with us subconsciously via scent. So our emotions, even when we believe they are hidden, do affect our interactions with others.

Today’s message suggests to me that if I want to affect the world around me in a positive way, I can easily do so through my emotions and their associated odor. When I cultivate a generally loving attitude toward life, I sweeten the environment around me.

Please reflect and share. How do you feel your emotions and scent are linked?