Harmony fosters abundance.

Today we tried out peaceful coexistence with our long-term resident cat and our recently adopted young cat. Nate held her in her favorite cuddle position, while I opened the heavy sliding door leading into the living room and coaxed him to play with a wand toy.

It all went quite smoothly for an hour. Then she jumped down and he followed, leading to mutual hissing and puffy tails. But it was all posturing with no actual physical aggression.

We separated them for an hour and I watched as they played pawsie under the bottom of the sliding door from opposite sides with some minor hissing on her part. But she definitely was far more curious about him than upset.

Nate scooped her up for a cuddle again and we repeated living room peaceful cohabitation for another long spell. He is a curious kitten and had to be diverted from exploring her up close on several occasions. But again, all was surprisingly smooth. We celebrated with a tuna snack.

As I explained to her this morning, you will get more love and time from me and Nate when you accept his presence. Then we can all share affection, food, and play. We all gain by being harmonious with each other.

Today’s message has me pondering this lesson on a larger scale. If we shared instead of being greedy, if we helped with humanitarian concerns rather than waging wars, if we cared for the needs of all species rather than just our own, how rich and peaceful might our world be for all its residents? On a personal level, when I cooperate rather than struggle, I will find more abundance available to me in life.

Please reflect and share. How has being harmonious enriched your life?