Little by little love accumulates.

The world can seem a harsh place at times. We see and experience difficulty, meanness, and lack. We may be tempted to believe that good can be overshadowed by what we see as bad or evil.

Sometimes, the bad is dramatic—a tragic turn of events, a betrayal, or a streak of hard luck. When this happens, it can feel overwhelming.

We may look for good to be a counterbalance, to help make everything feel all right again quickly. Sometimes, we’re lucky and precisely this does occur.

Other times, love seems to trickle in. Loving words and deeds, unexpected assistance, small stretches of peace or contentment may find us and help alleviate our struggles.

But little by little loving good adds up and eventually shifts us and our perspective into a happier space. Love wins in the long run.

Today’s message reminds me that the essentially loving nature of Creation always has my best interest in play. I can strengthen this effect by adding loving thoughts, acts, and communication to my responses to hard times. When I love myself and others, no matter the current circumstances, I open my receptivity to good.

Please reflect and share. How have small loving occurrences gotten you through a difficult time?