Process over result.

Society trains us to be goal-driven. We believe we need to focus on what we want and expend consistent effort until we achieve it. “Keep your eyes on the prize.”

This attitude can keep us living for the future. Our attention is aimed at the end result, leaving us out of touch with the present. And the present is where we actually exist.

We lose out on any joys in the moment in the hope of future joy. Our hyperfocus also robs us of information and opportunities the present may hold.

When we emphasize the how rather than the what—how do we feel, how do we want to act and behave, how do we want to treat ourselves and others—we develop a process for living, one that helps us enjoy what is rather than striving for what might be.

Today’s message invites me to place my focus on my life process. When my goal is to live kindly, gratefully, and joyfully in the present, my entire life can be a series of satisfying now moments.

Please reflect and share. What might a healthy and sane life process for you look like?