Dream a little dream.

Some of us pride ourselves on our realism. We’re try not to get caught up in pipe dreams or fanciful imaginings. We believe we see life as it is and deal accordingly.

While a healthy dose of practicality and logic can be helpful at times, there’s also room in a balanced existence for visualization, magic, and dreams. The out-of-the-ordinary adds depth and gracious beauty to our lives as well as being an effective manifestation tool.

We register the remembrance or imagining of an event by lighting up the same areas of the brain as are activated by actually experiencing the same event. So, we literally cannot tell the difference between the two, from the standpoint of brain function.

If that’s the case, why wouldn’t we choose to experience things that make us satisfied and happy? Why wouldn’t we indulge in a little pleasant visualization and dreaming?

Our visualizations and consciously directed dreams also interact intentionally with the quantum field. We can use this opportunity to place our order at the endless buffet of existence. And while we are dreaming of what we want, we can have the bonus of experiencing our desire in advance.

Today’s message invites me to spend a bit more time dreaming. Why wouldn’t I want to sweeten my life?

Please reflect and share. Do you leverage your power to dream?