Go inside to find comfort.

Today is not a good day to be outside in my location. It’s 40 degrees, windy, and hailing.

Today is a day to be inside looking out. I’m grateful to have a cozy, warm house. I’m making lentil vegetable soup, The comforts of inside are something I can gift myself today.

Sometimes the discomforts around us are mental or emotional rather than weather-related. It can feel like we’re in the middle of a life storm. We can react to the seemingly external disruptions by feeling rumpled or unsafe inside.

Those days are also good days to go inside to find comfort, the mental and emotional comfort we can offer ourselves. Our self-soothing can involve calming thoughts, and gentle self-reminders that we are truly safe and the disturbance will pass.

Meditation, prayer, or mindfulness can help us recenter on what is good and lasting in our lives. We also can dialogue with and reassured the perturbed or frightened aspects of ourselves.

Creature comforts like comfy clothes and slippers, a warm cup of tea or coffee, or physical self-care like stretching or exercise can also be beneficial.

Today’s message reminds me that comfort can always be found inside. I can gift myself with soothing and nurturing in the face of any challenge.

Please reflect and share. What inside comfort might you offer yourself?