Revise how you plan.

We all have A plans for our goals and dreams. We know how we’d like things to work out ideally. We also recognize that they may not, so we likely have a B plan, too.

If our B plan doesn’t deliver what we want, we go on to plan C and so on. It may take a fair number of revisions to finally get a result somewhat similar to what we originally intended.

When this occurs, it may be because our revised plans aren’t really all that different than the original one. With minor tweaks, they may be essentially the same plan.

In order to succeed, our revised plans may need to be bolder. We may need to stray farther from our original conception to achieve the results we desire.

Today’s message advises me that a failed goal may require a more radically altered approach to succeed. When I’m willing to give up my preconceptions about how to get there, I may be more likely to reach my goal.

Please reflect and share. What failed goal of yours might need a much different plan than you’ve previously considered?