Reinforce what you want.

We all know the concept—positive reinforcement training. When training an animal, we reward the behavior we want rather than punishing unwanted behavior.

What we may not realize is that this concept can be applied to our own thoughts and actions. Our mind and emotions can also be trained to help us get more of what makes us happy.

Our primary reinforcement mechanisms are attention and gratitude. When we focus on somethings, desired or otherwise, we are putting energy into the concept of that occurrence.

Gratitude is a strong emotion, even gratitude in advance for what we want to see. Being thankful for what we want is powerful in two ways. We sweeten the present moment with positive feelings. We also supercharge our visualization with happy anticipation.

Today’s message reminds me to use gratitude to reinforce my desires. It will make my now more pleasurable and will increase the likelihood that my visualizations come to fruition.

Please reflect and share. How might you use gratitude as a training tool for yourself?