Don’t drive in reverse.

We look back on our lives, revisiting scenarios mentally and emotionally. We may long for what we feel were better days or harbor regrets about mistakes made and missed opportunities. Sometimes we review past events fondly, but often there is a tinge of sadness around our reminiscences.

It’s okay to look back briefly to remember happy times gratefully or simply to register and accept what went on in the past. But we don’t want to be fixated on things that aren’t happening now or that we cannot fix in the present.

We’ll be happier and healthier if we focus on what is right here and now. We can visualize good things in our future, but again we’ll want to keep most of our attention on the present. That’s the only place we can live in reality.

Today’s message suggests I don’t want to look backward too much. Keeping my focus and energy grounded in the present is the easiest way for me to be happy right now.

Please reflect and share. How much of your focus is on the past?