Self-care is our most important job.

We all have priorities. For many of us, we feel our commitments to others come first. We have a sense of responsibility to our family members, friends, and work connections that we may feel duty bound to honor.

We may not always enjoy or want to fulfil these obligations, but we usually do so all the same. It can feel like we’re supposed to put others’ needs ahead of our own.

We may talk about self-care, but it’s likely that we’ll skimp on it when we’re tired from tending to others or stressed and busy. And that’s when we need to nurture ourselves the most.

If we don’t make time to put ourselves first, no one else probably will. If we want to be cared for in life, it needs to start with us.

When we have regular self-care habits, we build healthy minds and in healthy bodies. We increase our emotional intelligence and are sensitive to others’ needs because we’ve learned to honor our own.

Caring for ourselves, we create a sane and balanced environment in and around ourselves. This strong foundation gives us a firm footing to be happy and to generate success and abundance for ourselves. Self-care is the basis for a good life.

Today’s message invites me to view my self-care routines as an investment in my happiness and abundance. When I love myself in thought, word, and deed, I open myself to the richness of life.

Please reflect and share. What role does self-care play in your happiness?