It’s all about us.

We often take things personally. Or we may view the rest of existence as a backdrop to our own drama.

But our lives don’t occur in an energetic vacuum. We’re part of a divinely interconnected whole. Everything and everyone is important. All that we think, do, and say contributes to the collective experience.

In this way—although we might believe otherwise—it isn’t all about me. It’s all about us.

When something desirable or difficult occurs in our lives, it isn’t happening to us individually. We’re just part of a larger pattern which affect us personally.

Today’s message advises that whether I struggle or celebrate, it helps to keep the bigger picture in mind. My successes aren’t all down to me. Neither are my losses. Either way, I can be grateful for the good, do my best, and enjoy what I have.

Please reflect and share. Does seeing the bigger picture come easily to you?