Relive only what you’ve enjoyed.

We all do it. We think back to the past and replay moments that had a strong impact on us. Often this means, situations that engaged our emotions deeply.

Sometimes this reliving of the past is a conscious process. We stroll down memory lane to recall happy or exciting events. Or we can’t help but ruminate on difficult times, even though the process is painful.

We can make choices about consciously revisiting the past. Things become more complicated when the process is unconscious. We may react to current situations as if they are the same as ones from long ago.

Knee jerk reactions often fall into this category. They can leave us wondering at the intensity of our emotions around minor current events. This is because we’re still responding to a past stimulus and not the present one.

Today’s message invites me to try to keep my reactions around the present moment. When I live in and respond to the now, I’m happier and life is simpler.

Please reflect and share. How do you avoid living in the past?