Little is often enough.

We live in a society that tends to think more is better. We supersize our meals. We have multiple streaming services. We want more money, more love, more opportunities, more time.

Yet somehow it may feel like it all isn’t enough. We keep pursuing more while still feeling unsatisfied. We try to swallow life experiences whole and wonder why we don’t digest them well or receive nourishment from them.

The issue may be that we’re spreading ourselves too thin. Rather than experiencing less more fully and deeply, we likely are opting for skimming the surface of a frenetic series of events.

When we take the time to delve into the present moment with our full attention, we discover levels of richness and satisfaction that may not have been immediately apparent. We’re more grateful for what we do have and experience and may not feel the need to pursue more as frequently.

Today’s message encourages me to simplify. Simplify my outlook, my expectations, my definition of what I need from life. When I’m fulfilled by less, I’m more often happy.

Please reflect and share. How might you find joy in less?