Magnify the fun.

On grey and dreary days, it can sometimes be hard to feel enthused. We do what is needed but may find it hard to muster up energy to do much more.

To escape this rut, we need to be on the lookout, on the lookout for fun and novelty. It’s there; it is always there, but we may often pass it by particularly if it is minor.

This is when we may wish to summon our gumption and lean into the fun. We amplify it, celebrate it, make the most of it. We also can ratchet up our curiosity. If we notice something unknown–a new word, an unfamiliar bird, a song title we don’t recognize–we can expand our knowledge and experience by checking it out. We may or may not enjoy what we find, but we will have expanded past our previous boundaries.

Today’s message comes courtesy of my passed cat Nimbus. He was intensely curious and playful and never missed an opportunity to try something new. He was a champion snuggler, purrer, toy swatter, cat tunnel diver, and repurposer of the ordinary into avenues for mayhem. He latched onto whatever he found in life and made it more interesting.

He suggests to me that I could benefit from following his example. When I leverage the small curiosities and fun times in life, I grow and expand as I magnify the possibilities.

Please reflect and share. How might the Nimbus approach benefit you?

Nimbus peekaboo