Living the dream.

We all have dreams about what we’d like our lives to be like. Often, they may differ from our current existence. There’s a gap between what we want and what we perceive as reality.

This can lead to dissatisfaction, with life in general and with ourselves. Our expectations just don’t match what we have and who we are.

The more we focus on this disparity, the more glaring it can become. Unhappiness results and our dreams seem yet farther away.

Our dreams tend to be moving targets. Once we achieve what we’ve wished for, we dream up something new to want. We may fail to allow space to really savor the realization of our dream. What if what we have right now is wonderful and satisfying, splendid enough to be the fulfillment of one of our dreams?

Gratitude changes everything. It allows us to identify and savor things that are exactly as we might wish them to be, or at the very least, certainly quite good. When we are thankful for what we do have, we encourage Creation to gift us more of what we like. We set up an appreciation feedback loop.

Today’s message encourages me to mentally list off all the ways I am living the dream right now. What I have and am right now—no matter how it might sometimes seem lacking in the moment—is the fulfillment of one of my past dreams. It’s time to celebrate the achievement of that dream.

Please reflect and share. What dream of yours are you living right now?