Imagine it will okay and it can be.

Sometimes things just don’t feel okay. Events go differently than we’d wish. Uncertainty about the future can creep in. We may experience losses, personal or financial.

These scenarios can be difficult to deal with. Things may feel wrong and we may worry they won’t improve. It can be challenging to be hopeful.

Once we’ve recognized and acknowledged our feelings, dwelling on them won’t make us happier. The more we rue what is, the harder it will seem.

Certainly, in the moment what is is. However, we can have hope. We can imagine that things can and will be better, starting right now.

Finding something to like about the present, however small, and visualizing a happy, healthy, prosperous future will help us find some peace and satisfaction in the moment as well as to manifest improved circumstances in the future.

Today’s message reassures me that there will always be good in my life. Gratitude for the good I have now and advance thankfulness for future good will help assure that my life is blessed.

Please reflect and share. How do you imagine a bright future?