Focus on the moment.

It’s easy to be distracted. Most of us have multiple things happening at once. We’re forced to multi-task, perhaps more than we’d like to or is comfortable. This can be particularly true during Mercury Retrograde periods.

Yet especially when we’re busy, correct focus become even more necessary. If we’re pondering what we might need to do instead of what we’re doing right now, it’s far easier to make mistakes or do a lackluster job.

If we feel overwhelmed, it may help to take a break and put together a to-do list in order of priority, along with any relevant details about the list items. Then we won’t need to keep track of everything in our heads and can prioritize what we’re working on currently.

Today’s message invites me to narrow my focus. Instead of juggling multiple items mentally, I’ll benefit by placing my energy and attention on the task at hand.

Please reflect and share. Are you keeping your focus tight?