We love to help others fix our issues.

Many self-help groups like AA are based on folks with similar issues supporting each other through change. This has generally been a successful model. The folks we rely on for help have usually been through what we’re experiencing.

We likely also apply the benefit of our experience in conversations with friends and family, hoping to spare them the pain of what we’ve suffered. It’s easy to relate to those with similar issues. Often their discomfort is so familiar to us that we can almost smell it out.

The danger comes when we get so busy helping others deal with their problems that we forget to sort through our own. Others’ issues can provide a dandy distraction from feeling our own pain.

Today’s message advises me to take my own advice. If what I say is true and appropriate for other folks, it likely applies to me too.

Please reflect and share. What advice that you’ve recently given is pertinent for you too?