It’s how we judge our behavior that matters.

Some days we feel like we accomplish so much. Other days we may appear to have slacked off. From differing perspectives either behavior can be desirable.

Others’ opinions may be important to us, whether or not they actually should. Our own judgments of ourselves are the only ones that truly matter.

Our personal value assessments of our behavior are relative. Did we rock out tasks or were we compulsively keeping busy to avoid our feelings, or both? Were we being lazy and dodging getting necessary things done or were we allowing ourselves some much needed downtime and reflection?

Looking at what we have or haven’t done neutrally can be helpful. It aids us in overcoming both positive and negative illusions about our personal worth and actions.

We’re not saints and we’re not demons. We’re just folks who are mostly doing the best we can.

Today’s message reminds me to be a bit less analytical about what I do and don’t do. There’s no absolute requirement to reach arbitrary goals I might set for myself. I also don’t need to be hard on myself if I savor life slowly at times. I just need to be happy and be kind to myself and others.

Please reflect and share. How do your judgments about yourself affect you?