Savor what’s now.

In every moment there is some sweetness. Sometimes it’s major—an intimate moment with our beloved, the perfect vacation sunset, the completion of a long-term goal.

Other times it’s minor—a perfectly ripe berry, a comfortable pair of pajamas, a long and relaxing shower. However little and fleeting, there is joy and satisfaction to be found at any time.

This can be hard to remember when our world seems to be crashing down. We may have lost a loved one or a job, had our health take a turn for the worse, or encountered a financial setback. But life is always a mixed bag, and our assortment always has some good in it.

Today’s message reminds me to recognize and fully enjoy the small miracles in every moment. When I am present in savoring the now, my larger concerns recede from awareness.

Please reflect and share. What is a present-moment miracle for you?