Don’t despoil your environment.

Most of us dislike pollution. Whether it’s littering, toxic waste dumping, climate change, negative vibes from folks, or simply being messy and hoarding, it is easy to see the detriment when it results from others’ actions. It may be harder to recognize and acknowledge when we’re doing the polluting.

We might be using too many single-use plastics, frequently tending our yards with inefficient gas-powered lawn mowers, stewing in negative emotions and thought patterns, or jumbling up our personal space with unneeded possessions. Our routine behavior may just feel like status quo to us.

If we step back and take a look at our daily habits, we likely can identify more than one way in which we despoil our personal environment. It falls to us to choose to make changes that clear the clutter, negativity, and thoughtless behavior from our lives.

Today’s message suggests I may wish to see where I’m polluting my nest. When I am careful and respectful of my environment, I find it easier to prosper.

Please reflect and share. What simple change might you make to reduce your personal pollution?