Death changes but cannot erase love.

We all have lost loved ones. It’s searingly painful. We still feel all our usual love for the lost one, but we don’t have a physical repository for it.

We want to continue to relate to the one who has passed in the way we were accustomed to. It just no longer is possible. Our endless love for them still remains, but we don’t know what to do with it. We certainly don’t want to stop loving.

We have to learn to relate to our passed one in new ways. We can continue connection with them, but it will definitely be different than it was. Our concept of love for them needs a metamorphosis.

Today’s message reminds me that while the body dies, my loved for lost ones cannot. I can hold them fresh and dear in my heart and remember the good times. Until I can reunite with them on the flip side, that will be enough.

Please reflect and share. How has death evolved your love of someone?