We honor our dead with good memories.

Yesterday, it was one year since my beloved Siamese Orion passed. He was a remarkable cat, and his demise was hard for both humans and felines in our household. We all grieved him in our own way, even though he had been ill and his death was timely and merciful.

I woke up yesterday thinking of him and feeling bittersweet. And then I caught myself. He would not like me to think of him and be sad.

A quick check-in with his spirit confirmed my sense of what wanted. So, I reviewed the pictures of him on my phone, grinning and chuckling over his unique character. He had had a rough start in life and it took a while for him to settle into being a content housecat. This made his devotion to our family even more precious. (For his backstory, please see Orion – Starlight Consulting LLC (

My grief was about me. The good memories were about him. In choosing to review happy occasions with him, the focus became honoring him.

Today’s message reminds me that this lesson applies to almost any past circumstance. When I remember the good, I honor my experiences.

Please reflect and share. What good memory do you have of a passed loved one?