Sometimes you have to punt.

Often, we have an end goal in mind. There is something we’d like to accomplish, and we may have a gameplan in mind for how to make it happen. We have what we want to do mapped out mentally.

And then life happens. Complications and detours occur. Obstacles crop up. Our mental plan no longer fits the situation or may have become impossible to enact. We’re pushed to try something else to salvage some good from the scenario.

Usually, we have resistance to the needed changes. Why couldn’t things just go our way? In struggling emotionally, we may block any chance of progress at all.

When we own that we will need to change plans, we free up our energy to get creative. We open up possibilities for making something else work. And sometimes, what we end up with is better than the initially planned result. But no gain at all may be feasible if we’re not willing to punt.

Today’s message invites me to look for small gains when big gains may not be immediately attainable. By making small, steady, incremental progress, I can achieve much.

Please reflect and share. Do you struggle if you can’t achieve a larger goal all at once?