Repeat to refine.

Sometimes life situations, particularly unpleasant ones, seem to crop up repeatedly. We may believe we’ve handled an unwanted scenario completely, only to have it appear once again. It can be dispiriting.

When we learn a new skill—turning cartwheels, speaking a foreign language, baking bread—we work at it. Numerous attempts are needed before we become competent, much less expert. We practice to gain mastery.

Yet somehow, we forget this truth when we deal with challenging problems. Our emotion discomfort can be intense, and we certainly don’t want to revisit the circumstances. So, we berate ourselves if we re-experience similar events. We ignore the fact that each go-around refines our understanding.

Today’s message asks me to be patient and gentle with myself when repeating situations occur. The more I lean into what I can learn, the less I will feel uncomfortable and the more I will gain.

Please reflect and share. How do you feel when situations repeat themselves?