Happiness comes from loving life.

Please reflect and share. How does this play out for you?

Most of us feel we love our lives when things are going right from our point of view. Big personal or career wins, getting married, the birth of a child all can trigger us to enamored with our existence. We’re willing to be grateful when we get what we want.

But this type of love is conditional. We only feel or express our love when our expectations are met. Controlled love will never truly allow us to be happy. After all, conditions could change in any moment, leaving us unhappy.

Today’s message advises me that only unconditional and nonspecific love of life will yield me lasting happiness. When I am enamored by the simple fact of being, everything in and around me becomes a wondrous gift. Loving life in all its facts transforms the humdrum and everyday into the divine and sublime for me.

How about you? What spurs you to love life?