Think and speak about what you want.

Please reflect and share. How does this play out for you?

Most of us know what we want, at least in part. We also have a fairly clear sense of what we don’t want, perhaps even clearer than our vision of what we do want. The problem is that we may have a stronger mental and emotional reaction to the undesired than we do to the desired.

This can lead us to invest more thought and emotion into what we would rather not have, leaving less time and energy for us to devote to our dreams. Thoughts and emotions have generative power and can as easily help create what we don’t want as what we do. We lend power to whatever we think and speak about, giving our mojo to whatever most occupies our attention.

Today’s message cautions me to be careful about how and where I invest my mental and emotional energy. Schooling my thoughts and feelings to be about my desires will help ensure that’s what I will create, rather than something else. I focus my energy on what makes me happy and fulfilled.

How about you? Do you watch what you think and say?