Most things are minor.

Please reflect and share. How does this play out for you?

Sometimes things feel like a big deal. And sometime they actually are. But mostly, they’re not. Unless there has been a death, a life-changing illness or injury, a catastrophic loss of money or property, or the end-of a very long-term relationship (romantic or otherwise), whatever is going on probably won’t seem so very serious five years in the future.

However, in the middle of sticky situations, it can feel like things are truly dire. Our emotional reactions to whatever is going on only complicates issues further. We then must no only deal with the problem itself but also need to sort through our intense feelings.

Today’s message advises me not to insert drama into challenging scenarios. When I keep my handling of the situation as simple as possible, I make things easier on myself and others. Life does not require me to make a big deal out of problems.

How about you? How do you determine what’s a big deal?