Delivery can be more important than content.

Please reflect and share. How does this play out in your life?

We’ve all felt offended by someone’s remarks. The insult can be overt or more subtle. Sometimes we can’t quite explain why we felt upset by what was said. We just know it didn’t feel good.

Communication is complicated. There is what is said and how it’s said. Word choice, tone, body language, and personal energy all affect the message. Often they can have a stronger effect than the concept being relayed. How can be more impactful than what.

Today’s message reminds me to pay attention to how I deliver and receive messages. I can help ensure my communications are received as intended by using neutral words and kindly tone. Misunderstandings can be prevented when I look past wording to to receive what another actually intends. How I communicate and listen is just as important as what I and others mean to convey.

How about you? Is the how or the what of communication more important to you?