How we do something is sometimes more important than what we do.

Please reflect and share. How does this play out in your life?

We place considerable emphasis on doing the right thing. Making the correct decision, taking the proper course of action, being moral, following our conscience—all these are important to us and we strive to achieve them.

We can do the right thing for either good or bad reasons, because we freely want to or because we’ll feel guilty if we don’t. And the basic resulting outcome can look the same.

But what we sometimes forget is that the how is key. If we help someone begrudgingly or resentfully the act feels very different, both to us and to the recipient, than if we assist them lovingly and cheerfully. The way in which we do things flavors the result.

Today’s message reminds me to pay attention to my demeanor and attitude. When I do something for myself or another, let it be lovingly. My best acts will be tainted if not based in love. My caring is more important than my precise actions.

How about you? Do you pay attention to how you go about things?