Notes From The Awareness: 327

Discussing a personal goal may dilute its potency.

Please discuss. How does this play out in life?

I’ll start us out. We’ve all had a wonderful vision of possibility, something which fascinated us and fired us up. We had the urge to share and did so, only to find our dream developing tarnish. Others may have found it unrealistic or impractical or may have suggested tweaks they felt would improve it. This left us feeling disillusioned or doubting the rightness of what we’d imagined.

A dream is like a pregnancy—perhaps best not discussed or publicized much in the early stages. Once our goal has matured some, when we’ve had time to firm up the details and feel certain we’re ready to pursue it, then we can share it with confidence, knowing the essence of our vision can remain intact and undiluted.

Today’s message advises me to shepherd my dreams carefully. I will want to explore and refine them with my own input prior to sharing with others. They are, after all, conceived by me. The more a goal is built on my personal vision and input, the more likely I will be to pursue it fully.

How about you? How do you nurture your dreams?