Notes From The Awareness: 293

Unity—it’s what we’re here to learn.

Please discuss. How does this play out in life?

I’ll start us out. We all incarnate with a purpose. We have an individual purpose, our unique reason for being, and we have a collective purpose, a common, shared reason for existence. Our unique purposes are ones we’re led to by love, comprised of what we’re passionate about, what inspires us, and what feeds our souls. We’re also led to our collective purpose by love, the love for all creation that reveals to us that we are all one.

Today, on Inauguration Day, unity is the buzzword. The concept makes us feel good; it helps us to be hopeful. To fulfill its promise, we must live unity every day, at our own personal level. Striving to see the good in everyone, searching for commonalities to build upon, listening to each other, looking forward to a shared, benevolent, prosperous, healthy future for all, we can—each one of us—contribute to a practical unity that can help heal our fractured and troubled nation.

Today’s message challenges me to apply my spiritual beliefs in everyday life. It also advises that honoring my divine connection to all beings in daily existence deepens my spiritual understanding. In experiencing unity at the micro level, I also experience it at the macro level.

How about you? How can unity expand you personally and spiritually?