Notes From The Awareness: 259

Too much planning and preparation limits serendipity.

Please discuss. How does this play out in life?

I’ll start us out. Most of us aren’t comfortable with simply winging it, particularly in situations where we don’t have much knowledge or practice. We feel more secure when we have some sort of a game plan. The less certain we are, the more we may be inclined to prepare. We believe planning will help us have a better result. This is true, to a point.

A number of us may not be artistically talented or trained. The thought of paining a picture from a vision in our heads is absolutely daunting,. A paint-by-number image also leaves us unsatisfied. We can’t put anything of ourselves into the finished product. This is why coloring books can be fun and satisfying for some of us. Much of the preparation has been done for us, but there still is opportunity to add some creativity, something uniquely ours, to the completed picture.

Today’s message counsels me to find the sweet spot between having detailed plans and leaving things to chance. Where the balance point is precisely may vary, depending on the circumstances and my level of talent and experience. But, I always need to give inspiration some elbow room.

How about you? Do you work best by planning things or handling them spontaneously?