Notes From The Awareness: 202

Simple, uncomplicated things are ways in which we can honor the divine.

Please discuss. How does this play out in life?

I’ll start us out. Most of us try to connect with the divine in ways that are comfortable for us, often regularly. We pray, meditate, attend church services, journal, perform shamanic journeys. But these are all practices set apart from the rest of our daily lives. How can we be more divinely connected moment to moment?

The divine is interwoven into all creation. There is nothing and no one that doesn’t contain a spark of divinity. Acknowledging that all life experience is an encounter with the divine, we can treat everyone and everything—including ourselves—with respect and gratitude. Whether we’re driving to work, doing laundry, feeding our pets, hauling out garbage, making love, or putting our children to bed, we are interacting with the divine.

Today’s message reminds me that mindfulness and gratitude are splendid ways to honor the divine. Since much of my life is a series of seemingly mundane activities, approaching them as opportunities to have meaningful discourse with the divine elevates the nature of my existence. When I am grateful and respectful in all I do, I find beauty in myself and all creation.

How about you? How do you honor the divine in daily life?