Notes From The Awareness: 199

When you take good care of yourself, creation can take good care of you, too.

Please discuss. How does this play out in life?

I’ll start us out. Most of us struggle with self-care. We know what we need to do—have good sleep habits, limit stress, exercise regularly, eat healthy foods, drink enough water, be mindful, avoid toxic thoughts and situations, have a regular spiritual practice—yet we can find it difficult to practice all these behaviors regularly. It seems there is always someone or something we allow to take precedence over some aspect of our self-nurturing.

On some level, we resist caring for ourselves. We may have self-worth issues, placing others’ needs ahead or our own or feeling we aren’t deserving. We may be self-destructive on some level, pushing ourselves to function without regular necessary maintenance. We understand intellectually that we will feel and perform better when we tend to our mind, body, and spirit daily, but emotionally we may be unwilling to do so.

Today’s message reminds me that creation presents reality to me based on my thoughts and beliefs. When I demonstrate belief in my worthiness, when I gift myself with healthy self-care habits, the universe will respond similarly by also tending to my needs. If I show I want to be healthy, happy, emotionally and spiritually well by focusing my energy on these goals regularly, creation will back my play. The universe and I are partners in creating a good life for me.

How about you? How are your self-care habits?