Notes From The Awareness: 174

Our favorite things are those with which we feel safe and happy.

Please discuss. How does this play out in life?

I’ll start us out. When asked, most of us could readily identify a short list of favorite things. These are items or experiences we want to savor repeatedly. The may involve solitary pursuits—reading, meditation, journaling—or they may be interactions with another—playing with a pet, family dinnertime, cuddles with out beloved—but they are experiences we return to over and over to find happiness. They add richness and continuity to our lives.

If we examined our list of favorite things more closely, we’d likely find they have two characteristics in common: they make us feel both happy and safe. The happiness aspect is obvious. Whey would we consciously choose to repeat something that makes us unhappy? The safety quotient might not be immediately apparent, but is consistent. When we feel safe, we’re relaxed. Our parasympathetic nervous system is engaged; our heart rate and breathing slow; we digest things more easily. Stress responses are alleviated, allowing our mind and body to simply feel good.

Today’s message is courtesy of client cat Mystik, who passed out of physical life yesterday. He was a fine and wise cat who came to true happiness in the second part of his life. He reminds me to cultivate safe and happy experiences in the day to day. There are always peak moments in life—wedding days, birth or realization of a dream, pet adoption days, notable vacations—but they don’t comprise the bulk of my existence. When I consciously include favorite things in my regular routine, I ensure that a constant thread of relaxation and happiness connects my days. Thanks Mystik!

How about you? What are some of your favorite things?