Notes From The Awareness: Day 126

All is beautiful in the eyes of creation.

Please discuss. How does this play out in life?

I’ll start us out. As humans living in third-dimensional separation consciousness, we tend to evaluate. There are things, situations, and folks we like/dislike, find pleasant/unpleasant, see as beautiful/ugly. The quality and nature of our life experiences often depends on these judgments. Once we apply an evaluation, it tends to stick in our minds; something, someone, or some situation becomes intrinsically good or bad to us. The more we label, the less we are able to enjoy.

Today’s message reminds me to judge less. When I try to view with always fresh eyes, I am more likely to see things, people, and scenarios as they actually are, as perfect, fascinating, divine manifestations. This ever new perspective brings more joy and wonder into my life, allowing it to be a journey of curious exploration rather than a voyage of avoiding known pitfalls. This is the path of the holy fool, the way in which divine creation views itself in all its glory.

Aren’t we beautiful?

How about you? How do you inject wonder into your life?