notes From The Furlough: Day 63

How do we make ourselves heard? By listening…

Please discuss. How does this play out in life?

I’ll start us out. With the many changes and controversies in this year of 2020, there are ample opportunities for opinion. While in person discussions are still somewhat rare, we’ve found ways to express ourselves through technology and social media. We tweet, we post. Folks who seem to have similar opinions will support our offerings. Occasionally those who disagree will present their opposition. Yet all our sharing can seem futile at times. Are we really accomplishing anything with our statements? Is anything changing because of our expression of ideas?

Today’s message reminds me that societal change requires discourse, hopefully civil discourse. Effective discussions will involve folks of a variety of beliefs, mindsets, and opinions sharing respectfully. In order to earn the right to be heard, I must be willing to listen. To listen fully, I must clear my mind of preconceived ideas, avoid the tendency to prepare comebacks or refutations, and simply receive what is being communicated as neutrally as possible. When i focus on receiving and offer the gift of my complete attention, I honor the other person and present myself as someone worthy of being heard, too.

How about you? What are your thoughts regarding useful and effective communication?