It’s all about now

Suturing the present to the future brings the result.


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We like to compare things: on and off; now and then; good, better, best; acceptable and unacceptable. When we define ourselves, others, and situations, we feel we have a handle on them. We feel we are in control. We feel safe.

Separation consciousness—the belief that we are apart and disconnected from everyone and everything else—is the prevailing mindset of our third-dimensional world. It allows us to create a distinct conscious identity for ourselves and facilitates our ability to distinguish things from each other. The perceived need to be in control and to evaluate things is a by-product of this belief.

Part of our human experience here on planet Earth is linear think—the belief in time. In order to make comparisons, we need to believe that people and things can have differing states of existence. The concept of time allows us to think that a state of being can progress or change. It fosters the idea that someone or something could potentially be different than we perceive.

Because of this, we believe in our own and the world’s imperfection. We think that we and our lives can and should be better. We also feel that a gap exists between our state of being and one we judge as more desirable. Generally we see this gap defined in terms of time. We view our perceived state of being as now and our desired state of being as the future. We believe that we and things must change and progress, over time, for us to be able to experience our desired state of being.

In the divine reality of the sharing, everything and everyone is interconnected and all experience occurs simultaneously. When we expand our conscious perception to understand that time is an optional point of view, we free our ability to choose how we experience life. If anything and everything is happening right here and right now, we have the ability to elect our way of being.

While this isn’t fully possible in our third-dimensional world, practicing freedom from the conceptual constraints of time helps us feel happy in the moment. It also enhances our ability to manifest by helping us visualize our dreams as being real in the present.

Let’s consult our inner divinity—our sharing within—to learn out we can be find joy and fulfillment by relaxing our mind’s concept of time.

We’ll start by slowing our breath and allowing it to become gentle and even. We will picture our sharing within as a golden light in our heart region. As we inhale, the light becomes steady and bright. As we exhale, the light suffuses us and our environment. We’ll continue the rhythmic breathing and light visualization until we feel calm, peaceful, and at ease. This is our signal that we’re in conscious connection with our sharing within.

We’ll remember an experience of timelessness and freedom. Perhaps we spent a lazy afternoon strolling down a beach. Perhaps we lay on our back in the grass on a summer night and watched the stars. Perhaps we luxuriated in bed on a rainy day. Whatever our experience, we’ll replay it in our mind and enjoy the sense of ease and happiness it brings. We’ll thank our sharing within for the experience and surround it in golden light, in our mind’s eye.

Next we will think of something we’ve enjoyed in the last few minutes, however briefly. Perhaps we had a tasty snack. Perhaps we heard music we enjoyed. Perhaps the sight of a familiar face made us feel good. Again we will replay the event in our mind’s eye and feel the enjoyment again. We’ll feel gratitude for the experience and surround it in golden light.

Now we will focus on our present physical experience. We will note our sensory input and identify something pleasurable. Perhaps we’re enjoying wearing clean and comfortable clothes. Perhaps we hear birdsong or the chatter of happy voices. Perhaps we have a good cup of coffee to drink. Whatever it is, we will savor it fully for a moment or two. Again we will thank our sharing within for the experience and surround it in golden light.

Next we will think about something we would like to experience—one of our dreams. Perhaps we would like to be happily in love. Perhaps we’d like to take a vacation in Hawaii. Perhaps we hope to own a cabin in the woods. Whatever the dream, we’ll imagine it in detail and allow ourselves to feel the wonder and satisfaction of it fully. We’ll feel grateful for the experience of our dream and surround it in golden light.

Now we’ll layer the pleasure of all four experiences—the remembered past, the remembered recent past, the present, and the dream—on top of each other. We’ll feel all the enjoyment at once in a glow of golden light. We will let the experiences blend with each other and simply feel happy. We will bookmark this simple sense of happiness and golden light in our consciousness, so we can call it up any time we wish.

The next time we feel dissatisfied with ourselves, with others, or with our life, we’ll recall this layered golden happiness. Happiness is inside of all of us right now.

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

Divinely unique and beautiful reader, what brings you happiness right now? Please share…