Clarity from the inside out

When you understand the inner meaning of an event, you will be able to see its outer purpose clearly.


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We’ve all had it happen to us—something unexpected and unpleasant occurs. We struggle to come to terms with or make sense of it. “Why this? Why now? Why me?”

Every second of our lives—every being, every thing, every interaction—is created from the resources of the entire sharing by our inner divinity, our sharing within. Since the sharing is all-knowing and all-loving, anything that comes from it can only be in essence good. Since our sharing within is our own direct connection to the divine, it tailors our life events to be most beneficial to our personal spiritual growth and understanding.

We may understand this, at least in theory: the sharing’s power of serendipity generates all life events for our benefit. But unwanted and difficult circumstances seem to contradict that truth. Why would the universe want us to struggle?  How could something painful and/or seemingly senseless be good for us?

It takes a leap of faith to reconcile that contradiction. When we accept that everything in our lives, no matter what, is created by our sharing within for our benefit, then we will be able to evaluate an unwanted occurrence without judgment. When we view a situation neutrally, we unlock our ability to understand its meaning and perceive it clearly.

Every event in our lives is a message and opportunity from the divine, a reminder that we are interconnected to all creation. But how do we know when we really need to pay attention? What messages are most important for us?

We can take a cue from our reactions. When we get upset about something, when we are unwilling to accept something, or when something leaves us feeling unable to cope—these are signs that our sharing within is giving us an opportunity to expand our understanding.

This is the easy part. Unpleasant emotions are a clear sign that we need to take a deeper look into ourselves. Proceeding to view the event impartially to reach an understanding is a bit more challenging. Luckily, we do not have to do this alone. We have all the help we need inside us—our sharing within.

Let’s try this out. We will start by establishing rhythmic and relaxed breathing. We’ll also picture our sharing within as a golden light in the center of our chest. As we inhale, the light grows steady and bright. As we exhale, the light fills us and the space around us. We’ll continue the breathing pattern and light visualization until a sense of calm and peace overtakes us. This is the hallmark of conscious connection with our sharing within.

Next we will think of an event that occurred recently—one we wish hadn’t happened, one that left us feeling upset and unhappy. Perhaps we learned that someone we love is very ill, and we fear he or she will die.

We will focus on our emotions surrounding the event. What is our predominant unpleasant feeling? Perhaps it is shock; perhaps it is sadness; perhaps it is loneliness. Whatever it is, we will zero in on that feeling and let it fill us completely. We will give ourselves over to the feeling, briefly.

Now, from that place within the unpleasant feeling, we will re-establish the rhythmic breathing and golden light visualization. We’ll tap the center of our chest to remind ourselves that we are always connected to the divine through our sharing within. We’ll let the light flow through and around us replacing the unpleasant feeling with serenity and certainty, confirming once again our conscious connection with our sharing within.

Next we will ask our sharing within to show us the inner meaning of the event. Perhaps our belief that we are alone and separate from the rest of all creation causes us to fear the loss of a loved one. Perhaps we are afraid that our connection to the loved one will end if his or her body dies. Whatever answer we get, we will trust that it is true, accurate, and helpful for us.

Now we will ask our sharing within to show us what to do with our new understanding. How can we use it to improve our life and become happier?

Perhaps we learn that we can treasure our interactions with the loved one, right here and now. We can focus on making the present moment with him a happy one. We can give her the gift of our time and focused attention and kindly help tend to her needs. We can create happy memories together with him. We can love her so completely that there is no room for fear. We can learn through this that we can never ‘lose’ someone we love. He or she is always connected to us through the sharing.

Finally, we will thank our sharing within for the message and opportunity encoded in the unwanted event. We are grateful for the chance to expand our understanding and capacity for joy.

 ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

Divinely unique and beautiful reader, what event has recently surprised you? Please share…