Freedom is not personal

Personal freedom implies that freedom could be separate. Freedom is the lack of the illusion of separation. If you feel constrained, seek to see how you are connected.


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We like to think we are independent. We cherish our freedom, particularly our personal freedom. We treasure the belief that we are independent operators, making our own decisions and charting the course of our own lives.

We value the freedom we have as individuals—the freedom to live where we wish, to work at our chosen profession, to associate with those we enjoy, and to hold our own personal religious or spiritual beliefs.

Nothing seems more precious to humans than our freedom. We’ve fought countless wars and have participated in numerous protests to try to win or ensure our right to be free. Many of us live in “free” countries, where we have the right to have a say in our nation’s politics and governance.

Yet somehow most of don’t feel very free in our everyday lives. Our choices seem circumscribed by a host of concerns. How much will it cost? What will other people think? What if I don’t succeed? How much time will it take? What about my responsibilities to my family? Is it legal? We can find 101 reasons why the personal freedom we cherish is limited by things seemingly beyond our control.

The wide gap between our dream of freedom and the reality of our daily lives exists because we are living in separation consciousness—the belief that we are limited and separate from every other being and thing and from the divine. Our belief that we are separate supports the concepts of lack, danger, loss, and judgment. These are the ideas underlying all the reasons we believe we are not free. We will never be able to experience a true sense of freedom until we are willing to give up the idea that we are separate.

An alternative exists in connection consciousness—the belief that we and everything and everyone that exists are united by our shared inherent connection to the divine. When we are willing to recognize the divine in ourselves and everyone and everything else, we expand our consciousness and our possibilities. We become freer in our thoughts and our lives.

When we are less concerned with defending ourselves, our turf, and our personal interests, we are more open to opportunities to co-create our lives with the divine. We are free to go past our previously self-imposed limits. We are open to imagine ways to consciously collaborate with the sharing.

How might this work? Let’s take a few minutes to connect consciously with our inner divinity—our sharing within—to find out how. We’ll begin by slowing our breathing and picturing golden light in the center of our chest. As we inhale the light grows more intense, and as we exhale the light expands to fill us and our surroundings. We will continue rhythmic breathing and golden light visualization until we feel the sense of peace and easiness that signals conscious connection with our sharing within.

Next we will think of one area of our lives in which we currently feel limited or without freedom of choice. Perhaps we would like to make a career change, but feel we lack the qualifications to do so.

We will focus on the golden light in our chest and ask our sharing within to show us how our separation belief makes us afraid of pursuing the change we desire. Perhaps we feel that we need additional time-consuming and expensive schooling to earn career qualifications. Perhaps deep inside we don’t believe we are worthy or deserving of a more fulfilling life. Whatever the answer we receive, we will trust that it is true and correct for us.

Now we will ask our sharing within to show us the first step needed to begin making our desired change. Perhaps we need to begin daily affirmations. Perhaps we need to research schooling options. Perhaps we need to make a realistic assessment of our current qualifications and abilities. Again we will trust that our sharing within will give us exactly the information we need.

Next we will picture the golden light from our heart connecting us to a future in which we already have made the desired change. We will allow ourselves to experience—in the present moment—the happiness of working toward and reaching our goal. We will let ourselves feel truly grateful for all the help and support the sharing will give us.

We will see how this happiness and gratitude spreads out from us and is shared with everyone and everything we encounter. We will give ourselves a minute or two to bask and share our joy with all of creation. We will picture ourselves being surprised, pleased, and grateful for wonderful coincidences and unexpected assistance that come our way. The entire sharing wants to help us be happy. Freedom is universal and shared.

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Divinely unique and beautiful reader, how have your previous beliefs about freedom kept you imprisoned? Please share…