Wow101: come join me in the fun!

Wow101 is the basic class in joy and amazing coincidences that is our everyday life as part of the sharing. Every day miracles and fantastically cool things go on around us. Most often we don’t notice and miss out on the fun, because we are stuck in the separation consciousness mindset that says life is difficult and we only can rely on ourselves.

As we begin to acknowledge our divine interconnection in all that is, we begin to notice that amazing things are happening in our lives. When we are grateful for the astounding blessings the sharing provides in daily life, the power of serendipity will gift us with yet more wonderful and surprising things. Thankfully expecting to be gifted with beauty and richness, we will not be disappointed. All of creation is waiting to help us achieve our dreams, we just have to be willing to own our divine interconnected nature.

Come join me in the fun! Post your delicious coincidences and help us all share in the collective wow.

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  1. My life as a whole has become easier to enjoy since I read the book, The Sharing. It has made it difficult for me to carry a grudge too. Which is something I have become all too good at. The Sharing has been an experience I did not notice as it occured but has been deeply transformative. Try it! You’ll like it!

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