The wow of Infinite Possibilities

While I was editing the manuscript for The Sharing: The Owner’s Manual for Being Human a friend turned me on to the website Through the website, I signed up for daily inspirational email messages from Mike Dooley — Notes from the Universe. I strongly encourage you to check them out. They’re wise, fun, mind-expanding and will make you laugh out loud.

One of the emails recommended I spend 5 focused minutes each day imagining my perfect life. I began to visualize the success of my book project enriching my life and bringing me joy. Each morning I would picture some aspect of how that might play out in the future and would savor how great the experience felt.

One day while visualizing, I was surprised to see myself training a large group of people on the material in the book. I’m not a public speaker and this wasn’t how I had mentally pictured success with my book, at all. However, I dutifully summoned up joy and appreciation and tried to get into the spirit of this aspect of my dream. It seemed to work. I imagined that I would get all the help I needed to make being a trainer fun and doable. This seemed like a bit of a tall order to me at the time.

Fast forward about a month and a half to mid-May. While reading my daily Notes from the Universe email, I noticed a Train the Trainer event that Mike Dooley was hosting in Orlando in early June. His phenomenal book Infinite Possibilities was to be the subject matter for the training.

I was busy doing the final proofing of my manuscript for the book and didn’t want to be distracted by anything. Hilarion (who channeled the book to me) had other thoughts! I submitted my manuscript for review and bemusedly found myself signing up for the Train the Trainer event the very next day.

I’ll travel to Orlando early next month and am prepared to be wowed by my experiences there. I’ll keep you posted on how the sharing has arranged for me to learn how to teach.