Notes From The Awareness: 262

Together hope, vision, and effort can move mountains.

Please discuss. How does this play out in life?

I’ll start us out. On a national and global level, there are so many big challenges facing us—COVID, political and ideological division, a strained economy, racial injustice and other forms of intolerance, climate change, species die-off. On a personal level we struggle similarly with grief, recovery from COVID, loss work, lack of social life, parenting children stressed by lack of school and friends. It feels like we’re collectively in a dark place.

Tomorrow is the winter solstice and the auspicious Jupiter/Saturn astrological conjunction. After tomorrow, the days begin to get longer as more natural light returns to us. It is a fitting metaphor for the internal journey we can make from dark despair and pessimism into bright hope and determination. Now is a splendid time to use the waxing light to fuel visions of personal, national, and global healing. We should dream big, engage the power of our loving hearts, and take small regular actions toward a brighter future.

Today’s message reminds me I am never powerless. I can visualize what I wish to see, hold confident in its inevitable reality, and be willing to put consistent effort in that direction. When my focus and emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual muscle is applied to birthing my vision, the darker aspects of life have less of my attention and energy and therefore become less real, making room for what I envision. I can start by treating all life with respect, consideration, and kindness.

Please join me in offering your personal light to help create a beautiful, abundant, healthy, and cooperative life for Earth and all its denizens.

How about you? What do you wish to help birth with your light?