Always a teaching moment.

Sometimes our lives may seem quite mundane. We go about our normal daily activities in our usual ways. Nothing special from our point of view, just routine.

Other times things may seem hard or surprising. Life isn’t what we expected and we’re not sure how to proceed.

While both scenarios seem quite different, they both are teaching opportunities.

When we’re simply going about our regular life, our actions and choices always impact the rest of Creation. We’re providing an example of behavior, choices, and their consequences, be they desirable or not.

When we’re struggling with something, another aspect of Creation is providing the opportunity to us to learn and expand. We’re the recipient of the teaching moment rather than the provider.

Today’s message reminds me that no matter what is happening in my life, this is always a teaching moment. In everything I experience, do, think, or say, I am always learning and teaching.

Please reflect and share. What teaching moment did you experience today?