Reinstate a dropped habit.

All of us have habits, some good, some bad. Some of our habits tend to be lifelong. Others wax and wane, whether by design or attrition.

Often, we may develop a habit or past time, only to have it fall off over time. We might lose interest, lack time to devote to the activity, or find another habit we think is better for us. Or we may decide a particular habit isn’t healthy for us.

While we don’t want to revisit past bad habits, it can be beneficial to take up lapsed beneficial ones.

Healthy practices we might have thought were no longer necessary may now be helpful again. It may be in our best interest to carve out time for good habits we thought didn’t fit into our schedule. Rekindling an interest that we’ve put aside might bring fresh enthusiasm and joy into our lives.

Today’s message suggests I may want to mine the past and reinstate a previous healthy habit. At this time, using a previously successful strategy could be to my benefit.

Please reflect and share. What lapsed habit might you take up again?