Now is a good time to be happy.

We all say we want to be happy. Most of us have a list of conditions, things we feel would guarantee our happiness.

So, we’re waiting for something to happen to make us happy. That something may or may not occur. We might be waiting in vain.

And if we think we need those conditions met in order to be happy, we’re pretty much ensuring that we’re not happy now. After all, that’s what we believe—we can’t be happy now because our dreams/conditions haven’t come true yet.

We are, however, in charge of our own happiness. We get to decide what does or doesn’t make us happy. We could decide that something going on right now makes us happy. That would give us permission to be happy right away, no waiting.

Today’s message advises me I can give myself the gift of immediate happiness. All I need to do is be truly grateful for something in this present moment. Instant happiness!

Please reflect and share. What makes you happy right now?