Stop fighting inside!

Many of us mourn the conflict in the world. Wars, ideological divisions, and social unrest have us concerned. Why can’t folks just get along?

We struggle to understand why people seem to feel we must separate ourselves from and fight each other. Yet at the same time, we oppress, resist, and are in conflict with aspects inside ourselves. We’re not at peace with ourselves, but we expect the world to be at peace.

Because we are co-creators in a divinely interconnected existence, we project our inner state out into the world—and manifest it externally—whether or not we are aware of doing so. When we are in conflict, we will generate and find more conflict in the world around us.

Today’s message urges me to make peace inside myself. When I respect and harmonize all parts of myself, I will have more peace to project outward to well wish the world.

Please reflect and share. Are you peaceful with yourself?