Floating is natural.

Today I woke up with the arthritis in my right hand a little bit flared. I decided a nice soak in a scented bathtub would be just the fix.

I settled into the tub gratefully and lowered my sore hand into the warm water. Relief! Pushing my hand down to be at the bottom of the tub, I noticed I had to work to keep it there. My hand naturally wanted to float.

It struck me that this is a dandy metaphor for how we all are in life. It’s in our nature to float. We’re created not to sink.

Our unsinkability isn’t only physical. We naturally float mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, too. It’s in our inherent nature to survive and thrive. We’re meant to prosper by design.

When we have times when we feel like we’re sinking—and we all have those times—we just need to allow ourselves to float. When we cease struggling for a moment and relax into floating, in the sure knowledge that Creation has our back, we can regain our strength and confidence once more.

Today’s message reminds me that floating is a natural form of healing. When I allow myself to just be, in the sure knowledge that good things await me, I can reconnect with my mojo and positive sense of self.

Please reflect and share. How might you benefit from a bout of floating?