Notes from the Awareness: 146

In life there are thing you want and things you don’t want. Why worry about what you don’t want?

Please discuss. How does this play out in life?

I’ll start us out. We all can worry; we all can obsess. The amount of shift this year can make us all a bit twitchy. Sometimes we can feel full-out panicked, sometimes we are just low-level uneasy. If we’re honest with ourselves, 2020 has unsettled us all one way or another.

It’s a human reaction to be challenged by change. Our choice lies in how we handle it. Do we resist or flow? A few of us joyfully embrace the new. It’s exiting, it’s different. A few of us hold out against it. No way; things are fine just as is, thank you. Most of us dither somewhere in between. We know a transition is occurring and we can’t stop it. We also aren’t quite ready to actively move forward, so we tread water in the sea of change. We worry.

We can rationalize our worry as sorting through pros and cons, but this type of evaluation is a purely intellectual exercise, mentally based. Fretting arises from an emotional state of fear. Our fear conjures a negative mental possibility and we replay it over and over, allowing us to delay taking positive action. We add energy to what we don’t want instead of focusing on what we would like to see, making our selves unhappy in the process.

Today’s message is courtesy of Brownie, who was present on the other side to help Simon transition yesterday. He reminds me that a happy mindset will help me attract what I want and make life more enjoyable right now. Things may not seem perfect, but they still can be fun. When I find myself worrying, I can take a practical step toward what I want or do something fun. Combining the two into one activity will be highly effective. Happiness is productive!

How about you? Do you worry, and if yes, how do you stop yourself?

Brownie building physical strength through play.